What Actually is My Instant Offer Scam – Tips

Some rumor about My instant offer is scam but Lending Club is trending now days just because of its low interest rate loans for its valuable customers. And many people are seeking for my instant offer true information on various websites and reading articles. Some of the people are considering it as mastery just because of its terrific claims.

According to the company’s statement, it connects various amounts of borrowers to the investors. And provide them loans on a fixed rate up to $40,000 only to the person that qualifies for the loan. Well, the qualifying process of my instant offer is quite delicate.

Some of the people say my instant offer is authorized while on the other and some say that it’s a pure scam.

Now the question that arises is, my instant offer is a scam or not?

So, to solve this mastery, in this article you get all the information about this lending network which provides you loan money and also provides you the option of making money online.

 What Actually is My Instant Offer Scam?

My instant offer is typically referred to as the renowned lending club which provides you online loan services.  The major yes for this online lending club is it offers loan on a very low-interest rate as compared to high interest rates from most of the economic companies.

The overall network is handled by the WebBank for this peer to peer lending. The amount of money and interest is resolved by the quantity you are credited to.

There are many other lending clubs which provides you with the same facilities as my instant offer do.  Some of those lending clubs are:

  • Prosper
  • Lending Tree
  • Quicken loan
  • Lower my bill

My instant offer is ranked as A- from the Better Business Bureau BBB (ranks vary from A+ to F). This scale gives a very strong sign as trustworthy company. While on the other hand, the Federal Trade Commission has filed a case on the lending club on April 2018 but the case is still pending.

My instant offer can be utilized for:

You can use my instant offer for various tasks. Some of them are:

  • Pay the high interest of the credit cards.
  • Home repairing.
  • You can use the loan for spending the vacation.
  • Most of the people use this loan to buy a dream car.
  • To pay medical bills.

My instant offer is best for those people who are searching for the loan without going through a long process. Then my instant offer is the best option for you as it provides loans beyond $40,000.

 What is the qualification process of My Instant Offer?

When your application approved, then you are directed to the qualification process at muinstantoffer.com. On this portal, you have to answer some basic question like the amount of money you need, the reason for the loan and credit score.

After these questions, you have to enter some of your personal information which includes:

  • Your full name
  • Current residential address
  • Date of birth
  • Active email id
  • Your annual income

By clicking on “Get my Rate”, you will automatically agree to the terms and conditions of my instant offer.

Things I like about My Instant Offer:

  • The first thing that I like the most about my instant offer is: it is doing a great job of connecting people online who are seeking loans.
  • Secondly, my instant offer is very pure when it comes to loan.
  • Thirdly, the process to get the loan is super easy and less time taken.
  • Fourthly, my instant offer is ranked as A- fro Better Business Bureau BBB.

 Things I don’t like about My Instant Offer:

  • Some applications of the people are denied. This is the major complaint of many people.
  • This loan facility is not available in the many States of America. Mostly in the areas of Lowa or Virginia
  • In the case that you fail to make a payment on time then they give you some hard time. The company will call you thrice in an hour and unlimited email in a day. So, if you are not a particular person then my instant offer is not a good option for you.


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